A yoga class, custom for you, in our studio, your home, on a private beach, or NYC.

Experience the Benefits of Private Yoga instruction:

While group yoga classes are valuable and a great opportunity to meet other like-minded people, there are many benefits to private instruction including:

  • The instruction is more personalized, leading to a more skillful practice, and deeper connection to Self.
  • Specific postures and sequences that address your unique musculo-skeletal issues, with aim to balance your body.
  • Modifications or Variations can be offered for your particular body type, strength & flexibility.
  • Pace and intensity of the practice can be adapted to your needs and goals.
  • Some prefer mellow emphasis on stress reduction.
  • Some need to mix in Thai Bodywork for relaxation.
  • Ability stop/ start, ask questions, and spend time on the simple.
  • Receive support and guidance while developing a personalized home practice.
  • Develop a deep, meaningful relationship to yoga, and your Self.

Corporate / Group Yoga

Want to host a private session for your friends, family, or coworkers? Book us for your group for a fun and inspiring class.



  • Location / time of day?
  • How many yogis?
  • Will you need mats/blocks/straps etc?
  • Style , level, intensity of class you'd like?
  • Price range $150 to $280 (more if large group, and out of village)

CALL/TEXT: (631) 355-1855