Christianne Gentry

Christianne is long island born and raised mover + a doer, creator + mess maker that dove into the yoga practice at the age of 15 and has been going strong ever since, as she become instantly enamored with the intoxicating dance of breath, movement + philosophy.

Through consistent practice Christianne began to discover that she could take yoga with her absolutely anywhere she went, whether it be to the beaches of Hawaii, swimming through the challenges of the early twenties, the birth of a son, the practice has been a lighthouse through all the stormy + sunny weather. and this is why she is passionate about sharing the love.

“I’ve had the honor and pleasure to be actively teaching for over 4 years now, and within this time had the blessing to lead 200 + 300hr trainings, open yoga studios + connect with the community in ways that I could have never imagined...and all this thanks to the practices that lead to Yoga.”