Offered privately, apprenticeship style, with personal attention and schedule flexibility is unmatched by any similarly priced program.

Honoring the traditional method of training to become an authentic yoga teacher, we offer one-on-one, apprenticeship trainings. This fulfills and excedes Yoga Alliance requirements.

Abby Vakay, works privately with apprentices, to begin and/or deepen their practice, and understanding of all aspects of Yoga, exceds Yoga Alliance requirements.

  • SCHEDULE: is on an individual collaborative basis.
  • CURRICULUM: Our program exceeds Yoga Alliance requirements. We work with you, to design your curriculum with the most practical applications for your goals, while still maintaining highest standards.
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Do you want to deepen your understanding of Yoga? Ready to share the yoga you love with others? Our apprenticeship-style school exceeds National Yoga Alliance standards.

Abby Vakay has 15 years of teaching yoga experience, is 800hour Jivamukti Certified and eRYT with Yoga Alliance. She has been training teachers for 6 years.


"Apprenticing with Abby is a unique yoga teacher training opportunity because of the emphasis upon genuine connection between mentor and student. The process of learning is a conversation, never stagnant, always dynamic and engaging. Abby constantly inspires exploration of body, mind and spirit - not merely through Asana (physical practice), but through hands-on assists, mantra, pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation. The introspection and exploration doesn’t end on the mat; through dharma talks and supplementary readings the student is encouraged to take their learnings to support the challenges of everyday life and find balance and “magic in the moments.” I was personally able to develop and strengthen my sadhana (daily spiritual ritual) through borrowing various books from the studio and incorporating bits and pieces from different classes.

Abby often refers to the training as an unfolding, which I believe is apt. Mentees are encouraged to participate in or assist as many classes at the studio, and check in with Abby before and after each session to ask questions. Understanding gradually emerges of effective ways to lead a balanced class with gentleness, reverence and clarity. Mentees are given many opportunities to try their hand at stepping into the hot seat and leading sun salutations and other traditional sequences.

If you are looking for a training experience that will be fulfilling, loving, personal, intense and supportive, I strongly encourage you to consider Hamptons Yoga Healing Arts. The connections I have made with Abby, Skip and Chai I will hold close to my heart forever. ~Ginger Vogel

“This training was informative and provided a plethora of information on the foundation of yoga history, lineage, asana practice, body and mind. I feel as if my practice, understanding and love for yoga has grown tremendously.” “This training helped my practice personally and gave me a much deeper understanding of yoga that I can communicate to my students. I felt motivated and really prepared and excited to teach my first class!"

  • Principle Teacher: Abby Vakay eRYT.
  • 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training offered privately or semi-privately.
  • Practical and written teaching test for RYT Certification

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  • FULL 300 HOURS
  • Vinyasa/Asana/Functional Alignment
  • Philosophy/Sanskrit/Texts
  • Anatomy/ Assists of Asanas/Use of Props
  • Restorative Yoga/Yin Yoga /Yoga Nidra/Ayurveda/Personal Electives
  • Business and Ethics/Review
  • Practicum/Takehomework/Private Yoga