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What is an In-class Private?

"ICP" The student is guided in every moment of an Open Jivamukti Yoga class, Spiritual Warrior Class, in the experienced hands of a certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher. The teacher’s hands almost never leave student’s body as they skillfully assist the student. Whether sitting, standing, or in vinyasa, the student is led with ease. Traditionally, yoga was taught one on one—one teacher teaching one student at a time. In modern times, yoga is more often taught in group classes. The Jivamukti Yoga In-Class Private (ICP) is a unique way to experience both methods of teaching: the student and his or her private certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher together attend a regular group class. From beginning to end, the student practices with the hands on assists of their private teacher, who safely guides them through every minute of the class insuring correct alignment in all asanas as well as deep understanding of all other components of the class (e.g., breathing practices, chanting, etc.).

In the Jivamukti open class the number of students usually varies. Because the class is designed in a vinyasa format, it is quite difficult to assist everyone and meet every student’s needs (speaking to specific injuries, body types, confusion about how to execute particular asanas or other limitations). Since every student’s body is different, each requires diverse assists. The ICP presents a wonderful opportunity to receive “customized” help. When we practice yoga on regular basis we are prone to develop unconscious habitual tendencies (routines) that can over time not only lead to injuries, but also prevent us from experiencing asanas in their full essence. Often psychological and energetic blockages can keep us from experiencing the bliss of each asana.

The trained hands and focused eyes of a teacher can catch those limitations during the ICP session, giving the student appropriate feedback about what and how to modify one’s practice. The benefits are endless. It is not only the physical body that is benefitting from ICP, but also on the more subtle level – breath, mind and prana (energy). Through this special technique of redirecting the prana within our bodies all defenses and barriers slowly disappear.

The ICP session concludes with a special, extended massage in shavasana at the end of class. (which tends to be the best part of the entire experience as expressed by most students).

Sri K Pattabi Jois: father of Ashtanga Yoga:

Without touch progress is very slow” Compassionate hands-on assists accelerate progress and there is magic to it. Since we live in a culture that conditions us to keep distance from one another and doesn’t allow us to exercise our sense of touch that often, I think this is why Jivamukti Yoga method is so effective. Each of us can benefit from a loving and carrying touch, both physically and energetically.

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