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Gallery at the Yoga Studio Atrium

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Ruth Lauer-Manenti


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The Simplicity of Bare Knowing

Art Works by Nina Thorne

The Simplicity of Bare Knowing art works are inspired by fleeting impressions of the Hampton’s coastal landscapes during the winter months. The term Bare Knowing can be understood as a form of alert, yet equanimous observation that identifies the moment of initial sensory contact with an object without naming or conceptualizing the experience. Bare Knowing is practiced in meditation and fosters a gentle moment-to-moment awareness of what is experienced without the presence of a defined or judging self. Drawing these pictures was an attempt to depict this initial pre-conceptual awareness.

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Sight Unseen

Group Show-Opening Night

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Nature Studies

New drawings in pencil.

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Journey of the Untamed Eye

Oil Paintings by Edward Batcheller

Homage to the Heart

Oil Paintings by Edward Batcheller

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Daphne Shuttleworth

"Bird Mystery" Silver leaf and collage elements on paper.

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Daphne Shuttleworth

"Moon Over Marsh" Paint and silver leaf on board.


Daphne Shuttleworth

"Mermaid's Purses"


Gina Glimour



Katherine Wright

Katherine was born in Seattle, WA. She attended the Cornish School of Fine Arts and graduated in Architecture at Washington State University. She is a professional commercial architect and is an architectural illustrator specializing in watercolors. Since 2005, she lives and exhibits between the U.S. and Italy.

Her business, "Adventure Puglia" is for artists and adventurous travelers who want to come to Puglia, to...


5 Artists

Gina Gillmore, Patty Robinson, Daphne Shuttleworth, Julia Salinger, Steve DeVita, Andrea Cote, and Clayton Orheck


Abby Vakay

Fiberworks that tell a story. Having grown up in NEPA, Abby lived and breathed the country life. Surounded by woods, fields, and farms, she spent her days riding horses, hiking, skiing and gardening. Time spent in VA exposed her to steeplechase races where she and her Jack Russel raced amongst the horses once again. On Long Island, Belmont and Polo were the draw. Her original textile works can be shown by appointment. 631-355-1855

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Robert Cornell

Robert Cornell, the youngest of 3 Cornell siblings, was born with Cerebra Palsy. He never walked, and his hands were turned and twisted. But his mind was brilliant and his spirit strong and filled with humor. As he grew he taught himself to draw and invented a host of characters to populate a world of his own creation. There is Mouse King, Hippo, Clancy, Pablo Pinz, and others. The works presented show some of his characters in various...

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Edward Batcheller

I began my art career with studies and an emphasis on drawing, sculpture and multi-media at Washington University School of Fine Arts, St. Louis MO. Finished my BA at SUNY Binghamton, with a major in Filmmaking. From there I moved to NYC, and upon the discovery of unexposed glass plate negatives from a junk shop on Canal St., I found a way in integrate my interest in film/photographic images, sculpture and structure.

I continued to make...


Patti Robinson

Patti Robinson is an artist working with repurposed materials in many different forms, including collage, mixed media, fashion, sculpture, and design.She received a BFA in Art and Art History from Arcadia University. Her biggest inspiration was working with Elisabeth Cornell Benton to catalog Joseph Cornell’s source materials before they were shipped to the Smithsonian’s Archives of American Art.

Her classes for adults and children...


Julie Kirkpatrick

Julie Kirkpatrick is a collage artist and Advanced Certified Jivamukti teacher since 2005. Her association with Jivamukti Yoga has allowed her to teach abroad in Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Spain, Turkey, and Canada, as well as in the United States in New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Michigan, Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Tennessee, Louisiana, and Ohio.

Julie has taught open, basics, prenatal, and children’s yoga...


Julia Salinger

Lives and works in Wellfleet, Massachusetts. Julia Salinger's varied art career began as an art historian. Her mentor, Irving Sandler, was the preeminent art scholar who wrote ' The Triumph of American Painting.' She continued her studies at Columbia University and worked for Ronald Feldman Fine Arts as a researcher for five Andy Warhol print portfolios. During this period, she was accepted into the prestigious curatorial program at the...